PureStretch was designed with the simple aim of encouraging people to stretch correctly in a fun and fulfilling way

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  • I attended Ciaran’s stretch class regularly and found that this really helped improved my flexibility. My chosen sport is waterskiing – this is very strenuous and can often lead to sore and aching muscles. The regular stretching was very beneficial and helped keep me on the water.
    Inspired by Ciaran’s class I realised that I should try and promote stretching to the wider waterskiing community. Ciaran and I co-wrote an article on stretching which was accepted by and published in the British Water-ski Federation magazine. I was photographed in the various poses and Ciaran provided expert instructions and checked accuracy of the text – great fun and an interesting experience!.

    Janina Maher
    European Overall Senior 2

  • Pure Stretch classes have been incredibly popular at Gillette ever since we started last Spring. It’s been great to see how employees have benefited –from the keen cyclists and triathletes who have added more balance into their training programs…. to the folks with creaking knees and aching backs who have improved strength and flexibility… and not forgetting the folks like me who benefit from the relaxation and stress-relief!
    Thank you Ciaran for all your hard work to keep the classes varied and exciting, you always offer something new which everyone can try at their own level. We’re fully booked for classes as we start the new year, which is a good sign

    Angela Richardson
    Gillette Freetime Club

  • Having recently completed the PureStretch Instructor Course I can honestly say this is one of the best courses I have been on. Whilst predominantly a practical course, the theory aspect was thoroughly covered and included a fantastic talk from a qualified Physiotherapist. This fun, new and enthusiastic approach to stretching makes it more appealing to both clients and instructors. The support from Ciaran and her team during, and the continued support after, the course, is superb. Regular choreography, new stretches, business support and undeniable enthusiasm helps make this course THE course to do!

    Pauline Baxter
    Director – AOSM Ltd